FAM 99 consumer experience cylce by dubberly

FAM #013 – Experience Cycle

A model to describe the process of perceiving an experience of a product or service.


“Experience Cycle”
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* connecting – (first impression)
* becoming oriented – (understanding what’s possible)
* interacting with the product – (direct experience)
* extending perception or skill and use – (mastery)
* telling others – (teaching or spreading activation)

The experience cycle model suggests attributes for an ideal experience—criteria for evaluating experience or even key performance indicators (KPI)—which designers can address. A good product or service experience is:

* compelling (it captures the user’s imagination)
* orienting (it helps users navigate the product and the world)
* embedded (it becomes a part of users’ lives)
* generative (it unfolds, growing as users’ skills increase)
* reverberating (it delights so much that users tell other people about it)

Dubberly 2008